Gibran Khalil – The Prophet (angielska edycja)

Gibran Khalil The Prophet

First Edition, Limited EditionGibran - The Prophet - Prorok - książka kolekcjonerska - unikatowa oprawa w skórę

Edition: 45 numbered copies in English and 45 copies in Polish

Paper: cotton

Binding: leather, with brown and black inlays, unique design, inimitable  pattern of each copy

Illustrations: 8 signed linocuts by Slawomir Chrystow and 28 initial linocuts, imprinted by hand on Xuan mulberry paper with 1000-year guarantee; initial linocuts decorated with Ebru technique

Graphic design: Urszula Kurtiak

Format: approx. 25 x 25 cm

Each copy comes with a protective book box. Decorated and ornamental boxes (leather or wood) are made to order.


Gibran - The Prophet - Prorok - książka kolekcjonerska - unikatowa oprawa w skóręIs The Prophet a collection of the best advice and wisdom on how to live to be happy, how to love to be loved, how to work to be fulfilled? Or is it more and yet more?!

It is not without reason that Khalil Gibran is said to be the most widely read author after William Shakespeare and Laozi in the world, and in the USA , after the Bible, the best-selling book.

The illustration layer, consisting of eight signed linocuts by Slawomir Chrystow, creates a different, parallel story.

The prints are printed on Xuan mulberry paper with a shelf life of a thousand years.

In addition, 28 initial linocuts have been embossed on Xuan paper hand-decorated using the Ebru technique.